About CT Lacteo

Here at CT Lacteo, we like to do things out of the box. That’s why we have designed some of the most cutting edge items you have probably used on a daily basis.

We put a huge amount of effort into our technology and the people who design it. Our staff are some of the most intelligent and well trained people on the planet and we take good care of them. The company has been around since 2003 and has experienced huge growth in that time.

cogsOur aim with this site is to share various projects and to let you in on some fantastic technolgy we have yet to release to the general public. We’re working on lots of projects at the moment, some we can disclose but many we cannot yet. We know you will understand this, as we work with lots of companies who are paying good money to develop products just for them.

We have a team lined up to develop this site and continue with it’s progression. We’ll soon be sharing some of our projects with you so that you can follow along. It’s going to be a wild ride that we want you all to be part of.

That’s all for now.