Different Types of Belt Buckles

While many people know only one type of belt buckle, other types do exist in the world. People have been holding their pants up with several types of belts throughout history, from simple iron clasps all the way to modern belts and the boys western belt buckle, and here are a few examples.

A frame style buckle is the oldest type of buckle, where the strap of the belt is pulled around and moves away from the wearer, basically holding the belt in place. A plate style buckle is where an image on the belt is the buckle, and it is snapped into place using hooks. You would loop the belt around yourself as normal, and then each end of the belt would have a plate.

One would be decorative, while the other would be plain and contain the three holes that the hooks snapped into. Once the belt was all the way around, the two plates would be snapped together and that would hold the belt up. The decorative image would be on the front for all to see.

Rodeo or western style belts are traditionally used during western settings, and some are even given out as prizes during rodeos. These buckles showcase some cowboy or longhorn design or symbol, and are either jeweled or otherwise decorated to ensure they look amazing and are put on display. They aren’t supposed to be worn except for special occasions.

boys western belt buckle

Now you can see men and women wearing belts and different types of belt buckles for both practical and fashionable purposes. Sometimes the belt buckle calls out for attention, or adds glamor to the overall look. However, the best part of the belt buckle is that is securely keeps the belt, and the item of clothing, securely up!